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Virtual Technician

Virtual Technician is the first product in the world that provides you with detailed notification of problems at sites up to 6,000 miles away and allows you to fix them remotely without requiring a human technician.

Anchor Watch

Anchor Watch Corrosion Control System for Tower Anchors is appropriate for virtually all guy anchors as a precautionary measure

Ground Watch

Theft of site or tower grounding has been going on for many years. Ground Watch gives you the ability to catch thieves in the act and provides an effective deterrent to future thefts with alarming to time stamp and notify of this activity immediately with NC or NO contacts.

Battery Watch

Battery Watch is a Cost-effective solution to monitor every telecom site and streamline battery maintenance. Reduce OPEX by removing the need of regular On-Site Battery Testing (Up to 4 times per year) and Improve System Reliability with Real Time Battery Monitoring.

Fiber Watch

Fiber Watch can give you 100% visibility of your remote fiber connections in the network t improve maintenance, troubleshooting and system reliability.

Utility Watch

The Utility Watch electric utility voltage sensor constantly monitors utility voltage and generates an alarm if the utility power fails.

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Virtual Site Technologies is a Canada based manufacturer of integrated monitoring systems designed for the broadcast, telecom, and electrical transmission industries.

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